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Tiffany + Nathan | Backyard Farmhouse Wedding | Nikki Robinson Photography

Tiffany & Nathan got married on a beautiful day in June in the back yard of Tiffany's parents' home where she grew up. The home is an old farm house in Beesley's Point, NJ, right outside of Ocean City, where Tiffany's parents do some farming and raise chickens. They turned one of their barns and the area surrounding into Tiffany & Nathan's own personal outdoor church, and transformed the rest of the yard into a colorful reception space with all personal touches! When you meet Tiffany & Nathan, you can see right away that they're a perfect match, both with warm, loving families and friends - Nathan's family came all the way from Michigan, and they had friends from all over the country. Tiffany has a younger brother with down syndrome, and they have a very close bond, so it was so great for her to find someone like Nathan, who loves and accepts him just as much!




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