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I'm Nikki!

(Just Nikki - it's not short for anything!​)

There's nothing I love more than capturing memories. During my 11 years as a professional photographer, I've photographed all kinds of people, places, and things, but I realized nothing gives me as much joy as illustrating the stories of people's lives through wedding photography. As much fun as it is spending time with the people I photograph, there's nothing quite like the serendipity of seeing those moments realized in photographs later. That's what I want to share with you, and I hope to provide happiness you can look back on and enjoy for years to come!

I shoot locally in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and

Delaware, but I also travel to destinations worldwide!

More About Me

I have a BFA degree in Photography, and I've loved taking photos ever since I got my first film camera at a yard sale as a child! I actually still buy cameras at yard sales - I now have a vintage camera collection. In September 2018, I was a bride myself! I married my wonderful husband Jason in a backyard farm wedding with a pizza truck. We have a rescue cat and pup named Woolly & Penny, who we love so much!

My Favorite Things!

  • Animals - All of them, especially bears

  • Spaghetti - I could definitely live off pasta with red sauce

  • Ice Cream - Chocolate, or anything from Franklin Fountain

  • Seinfeld - followed closely by Friends and The Office

  • Nature - My husband & I have a goal to visit every National Park

  • Hockey & Baseball - Flyers and Phillies, of course

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